Need help reconnecting domain

I was leaving the Ghost Forum and disconnected my domain:

Then, I enabled Stripe and now am able to finally do my work dividing memberships into Tiers. I apologise sincere for the harsh words used in the above post in the forum.

I have tried connecting my domain again.

It shows activated on Ghost

I have updated records on Godaddy also.
The name servers are still not 100% changed to Godaddy as I had moved the url temporarily to Hostinger a few hours ago.

Now when I try to go on the url after its linkage to Ghost, it says the connection is not private.

The domain is working perfectly fine for me. Things like generating an SSL certificate can always take some time, since the DNS settings need to clear.

If you’re still having issues on your end, I would recommend clearing your browser cache and potentially just well…waiting a bit. DNS isn’t a uniform thing that updates the same time for everybody. It might just be that your internet service provider is a bit slow to update the records or there is a DNS cache active somewhere.

Since you’re a paying Ghost(Pro) customer, I’d say, reach out to, if you still see this message after 24 hours.