Need help to downgrade Node package on CPanel environment

Hi everyone!
I am currently in a deadlock, so I really hope to find a solution here.
Please note: I am a Linux sysadmin but I have no experience with Node development.

In a few words, this is my situation:

  • I have a shared hosting with CPanel access, within which I was able to install Ghost using the NodeJS module and NPM.
  • My environment is a Red Hat Enterprise with limited commands due to the fact that the entire system is on a shared machine. I do not have access to YUM, SUDO or any other useful Linux command, but I can use NPM, NODE and YARN at least.
  • I am unable to update Ghost beyond version 4.44.0 because the latest CXXABI version I am able to use is the 1.3.7. SQLite needs, now, at least 1.3.8.
  • My hosting company isn’t able to update my environment or my GCC library because the shared Linux systems are managed under a CloudLinux distribution and, quote, “we prefer to maintain the same system for each one of our customer to avoid inconsistencies”.
  • For some reason I am unable to use the MySQL setup, despite having a full working MySQL server, because of the server error: npm install mysql2 --save\nEEXIST: file already exists, which I wasn’t able to solve until now.

I am not willed to change product. I am so satisfied with Ghost that I will try every solution I can to make this work. For technical limitations, I am currently not able to use a dedicated VPS linked with my domain.

I was thinking of a solution: downgrade ONLY the SQLite package to the 5.0.2 version and maintaining it like that. How could I edit the Ghost setup to make it download and use a specific version of a package? I tried to touch the package.json file but that didn’t seem to work… I am confident that I didn’t do it right, though.

Any help or hint is very appreciated :pray:t2:

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Hi, @mceyes. I used to run a cPanel hosting business. I see no good solution to your problem.

You mention you aren’t able to use a dedicated VPS linked to your domain currently, but that’s really the best solution. You are a sysadmin and I think that’s going to be more satisfying solution and likely worth whatever the transition effort is.

After I sold my hosting business, I rented a Linode server and I’ve been happy with that service and can recommend it. AWS is overly complex for hosting a personal server.