Nested/hierarchical tags, subtags

Nice - we’re definitely going to do this!


I’d love to see this. I have a couple of tags that are “version specific” like “Visual Studio > Visual Studio 2017” I’d live to be able to show the list of child tags and their featured posts (similar to the end-of post jump list in casper) on every tag page.

Similarly I’d expect that the end-of-post jump list would also show child tags and featured posts there where there aren’t any recent posts in the parent tag.

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great idea!

Another vote for nested tags! Hugely valuable for blogs with tons of content.

I’m out of votes (maybe the system needs a check, I had very few votes from the very start, about 4 or so, and several months later I still don’t get any additional votes to use) but I also want to support this idea.

I assume it will be part of the custom channels functionality but, ayways, hierarchical taxonomies is something that I’m very much looking forward to.

This is now in progress


Hi there - is there any way I’d be able to manually implement this functionality before the official upgrade, eg with dynamic routing? The other idea I thought of was installing multiple instances of Ghost in subdirectories, eg and, and then including the tag name in the url, which would give the effect of nested tags (eg However, would it be possible to easily merge the blogs once subtags was officially implemented or would I be stuck with the workaround of running multiple instances of Ghost?
If the official upgrade is imminent then please ignore me! It was just in case it was going to be a month or two down the line.

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Hi @John, Any updates about this feature?

Thank you!

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Sorry, yes - this actually ran into a few technical challenges and got put on pause at the end of last year. Will hopefully be able to circle back to it soon.

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No problem! Thank you for your reply =)

It seems like a year has passed, I am very interested in this issue. Will you continue to do this or have you removed it from the project? :disappointed_relieved:

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Hi, is this a feature you are still working on or thinking to work on soon?
This would be so great.

I guess this feature will be into reality soon. Just always check the changelogs weekly there.

Any update on the status of this feature?

Now that memberships is a thing, this is becoming more useful than ever!

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Reaching capacity of tags on our Ghost blog too, would be nice to see this feature soon! Any updates on when this might be shipped?

To my understanding, the Ghost team is pretty hung up on taking the Members feature from beta to release and fixing numerous bugs. This will probably take some time, but I do agree, this feature would be a great addition!

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s any update on this feature status or a branch of code where the community can contribute. I’d like to help because I’m hoping to move a WP site to Ghost and not having the ability for nested/hierarchical tags is almost a non-starter. I’m in the planning stages and already my routes.yaml file is becoming unruly. Thanks!


Same for me, I would love to get a short update from the awesome Ghost stuff team, since I want to move from WP to Ghost :slight_smile:

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Also in the process of migrating a site from Wordpress where hierarchical tags would replace alot of sloppy solutions, otherwise Ghost has been so refreshing to use. Looking forward to an update!

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It would be pretty amazing if, along with these hierarchical tags, one could set the website’s pricing for each. Using my website as an example, given that I am creating a Calculus course, I would be able to charge per content (Content 1: Derivatives, Content 2: Integrals and so on) as soon as I finished one, without having to wait to create the whole website content (a complete Calculus course) in order to start monetising.

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