Tag hierarchy still removed from dev plan?

I saw that the idea of hierarchical tags was discussed and even on the dev plan a few years back, then got shelved. Are there any plans to revisit that feature? Looking at building an index for my site, and would like to have hierarchical tags built into the system, rather than manually created by me in some funky way or another.

Just wondering. Thanks!

If you only need your tags two deep, I think there’s a hack to be done where you make a ‘parent tag’ page (with a special #thisisatagscollection tag and assign all the ‘child tags’ to it. Then on your “index”, you grab all the tags for each page tagged with #thisisatagscollection.

Speed would need testing - it’d be a {{get}} for each of the parent tags. Probably fine for a dozen parent categories. No bets on hundreds…

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For now, I’m going to kludge it, I think: mark each post with the parent tag and the child tag, then build a page that shows everything under the parent tag, and separate pages for each child tag.

All of this is going on an Index page that is on the main menu, with toggles for each parent tag. A lot of work, but will make the site easier to use and provide more value to the subscribers.