Nested Menu Navigation

Hello my site is
I’m using rhinne theme I believe it’s called.

I’m wanting to create nested navigation on mobile, for example I want head categories like


When a user clicks sleep it would expand to show the product reviews nested in sleep. But the mobile menu would just show the head categories that need to be clicked to expand them.

But if you look on Mobile now it just shows you everything, there is no nested nav. I’ve been quoted a few hundred pounds to fix this but I’m wondering if this there is a cheaper way for me to do this myself .

Help much appreciated. :pray:

Is it going drop-down properly on desktop? Looking at how that’s accomplished would be a good first step.

It is working on desktop. I’m not a developer so would no idea where to start with this. Hoping someone can help or point me in right direction of what the issue is.

I would try contacting BrightThemes. I use one of their themes and they’ve been very helpful in the past for issues I was having.

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I have but they want to charge me for making the change. Maybe il just have to pay