Nested navigation on Dawn

Sorry @minimaluminium, one more for you… I see the nested navigation on the Dawn demo site… but I haven’t been able to figure out how you made that happen (or is it coded directly in?).

Thanks in advance!

I spoke too soon—figured it out! :slight_smile: For anyone else curious: just make a navigation entry with “…” in the URL (e.g. in the image below) and name it whatever you want. Everything after that will be in the submenu.


Another really nice find! I’m adding some instructions to the theme repo :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice finding! :slight_smile:
But how would you do it if you want a submenu under books for example (as shown in your screenshot)?

You can do like this.

Books -
Sub-1 -
Sub-2 -
Sub-3 -
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Will you add this feature for core? I can not use this method for caper or another themes.

Thanks! I had see the … For the display name of the link but I hadn’t noticed them in the link itself.