New integration idea ๐Ÿ‘‰ Embeddable Wall of Love & single video

Hey everyone, I suggested a new integration idea to the Ghost team for my app Testimonial, and got their referral to the community to see if anyone is interested :sweat_smile:

Reply from the Ghost team :point_down:

Weโ€™re not currently accepting new integrations for our library but I can certainly add you to the backlog for future consideration. In the meantime, Iโ€™d highly recommend sharing your integration in our forum & community for creators which Iโ€™ve just sent you an invite to join.

Basically, with Testimonial, you can do two things to your blog:

  1. Embed the whole Wall of Love (3 lines HTML code)
  2. Embed a single video (1 line HTML code)

What you need to do is add the code to the HTML block, and thatโ€™s it!

Here is the demo page if you want to check the live version: Testimonial demo on Ghost

Is this something you need as a blogger? Please kindly share your thoughts and feedback! :hugs: