[🌟 New Theme] Unveiling a new open source Ghost theme

Hey Ghost Community,

I have built a custom theme few days back using Tailwind CSS, thought of making it open-source and share it with you guys.

Introducing “bees”

:sparkles: Modern & Elegant: Captivate your audience with a stylish, reader-friendly design.

:iphone: Responsive: Ensures your blog looks amazing on any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile.

:art: Customizable: Tailor the theme to match your unique style effortlessly.

:zap: Fast: Optimal performance for a seamless user experience.

Get Started:

  1. :globe_with_meridians: Visit the Github Repo.
  2. :inbox_tray: Download the theme files.
  3. :rocket: Install as usual

Check out the live demo here.

Would love your feedback and suggestions as I continue refining it.

Happy Blogging!



Nice and clean, very good! Do you plan to introduce a dark mode too?


post edited: Sorry, I thought I was posting on a question about whether source had dark mode. No idea how I ended up here instead! Didn’t mean to hijack your thread! :slight_smile:

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It has dark mode support out of the box !!
If you are in mobile then you need to open the hamburger menu to find & toggle the dark mode.

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Nice and clean … not sure both progress bars are needed though. The ‘scroll top/progress’ is probably sufficient.

All those references to pointers and explicit type conversions is going to bring back nightmares though :wink:

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Thanks for your input.

Agreed, I think there should be a note about the pointers “Don’t try this at production” :joy:

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The theme is excellent.

But would love to see related posts in the theme, would be nice if you could add this.

The Alto ghost theme has a beautiful featured posts slider, which is awesome. Would be nice if you could also add this to the theme.

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Hey, thanks for your feedback.
If you really have a feature request or bug report, I would invite you to create a GitHub issue for it, that way it will be a more organised. What do you think ?


When browsing the sample website (thesised), a momentary white flash occurs before the dark mode engages if it is turned on. Can you address this issue and implement a feature to automatically switch between dark and light modes without the need for buttons, relying on the browser’s settings, similar to what Casper does?