Origin - A personal blog theme. Styled in TailwindCSS

Hey everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m excited to share Origin, a personal blog theme for Ghost! Here’s the demo.

I’m a big fan of simple blogs. No fancy JS. Just a list of great posts. However, most of the time there is a trade-off between simplicity (in design) and a good writing experience.

When creating Origin, I wanted to make sure that you could benefit from all the bells and whistles in Ghost’s editor but still portray a very simple blog.

By default, the theme supports:

  • Ghost V4 :ghost:

  • System dark/light mode :first_quarter_moon:

  • Rich embedding for all media on posts to match Ghost’s editor :writing_hand:t3:

  • Newsletter Subcription box :postbox:

Origin isn’t for monetising your audience (although, you could add it). It’s just a place for you to log your thoughts and share them with others.

In addition, Origin uses TailwindCSS for all its styling. This makes it a great starter theme for anyone who likes to use Tailwind and wants to make some themes in the future!

Interested in performance? Below is the latest lighthouse score recorded using the theme.

The theme costs $30 via Gumroad. Once you purchase the theme, you will get any updates directly in your inbox.

I’m an indie maker so all the proceeds will fund my next projects which I talk about on my blog.

All the information about the theme including installation, docs and support can be found here as well as the demo.



Well done! The theme looks very clean and simple, and is definitely super fast.

It is not my kind of theme but I absolutely appreciate the work you put into crafting a beautiful reading experience coupled with almost no wait for content to load

Best of luck with the sales!

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Thanks Scottie, really appreciate!

I was looking for a theme that is simple and clean like my world.hey.com-thingy, but just for Ghost. Thank you, I really love it! :partying_face:

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Hey :wave:

Small minor update for Origin. It now supports Ghost navigation links in the footer as well as separate pages :recycle:

There is also now more spacing so the footer sticks to the bottom across the whole theme.


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Nice! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The only thing keeping me from using it at the moment is really just my empty wallet. Currently, I’m broke af. And to use custom themes, I would have to upgrade my Pro subscription. But I will definitely give it a shot.

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Thank you to all those who have tried out the theme so far, I hope you are enjoying it!

I made a small change to the main site today. The theme page now shows testimonials from other users of the theme :point_down:

If you would like to leave a shoutout, I’d really appreciate it! To do so, just click on this link.

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