Newbie: How to edit ghost theme files on Digitalocean?

Is there a way to edit ghost theme files on Digital Ocean, like file manager does in cpanel.

I keep on making small changes to styles, theme files etc on localhost via going to the theme files, editing it in notepad and restarting the server.

How would I do the same thing on Digitalocean? (I think there’s a way to do this via github & DO command line but I don’t know how to use it well.)

Currently, I change theme files on localhost, zip the theme and upload it to DO via admin tab in ghost. Pretty sure there must be an efficient way.

Please help :slight_smile:

You should use a local environment for theme development, which allows you to edit theme files on the fly.

Make sure you you run a development instance of ghost on your local machine.
Then you can run yarn in your theme folder, which compiles your theme files on every save in your code editor. The changes on your themefiles will be reflected on your localhost immediately (after reloading the page), no need to restart your ghost everytime.

If you want to streamline your process of uploading your theme to your DO ghost a little bit more, you can do so by using git and github actions.
It lets you push your local git repository (your theme) to your remote master (the master branch residing in github), which (using github actions) automatically uploads it to your production enviroment.

more info for deployment: