Ghost installation on DigitalOcean vs. direct changes to the code

Hi, I’m currently playing around locally with a new blog on Ghost 2.0. Soon enough, I’ll be moving the blog to production - a DigitalOcean droplet running Ubuntu.

I have found two helpful articles on how to do it:

  1. The first one is using the one-click app, that essentially sets up the blog for you.
  2. The second one is more detailed but eventually you end up with a new fresh Ghost installation ready to use.

Using any of these articles, I can set up Ghost, update my theme and start blogging.

However, let’s assume that I need to go beyond the admin panel and I want to do some custom changes to the theme, layout, etc. Let’s assume I need custom HTML sub-pages that I can program myself on the source code level.

Now, I can do these modifications locally on my machine, but how do I transfer them to my DigitalOcean instance? So: how do I integrate these custom changes into my new fresh Ghost installation on DigitalOcean? Is there an option to use a repository for my Ghost blog, hook it up to the DO droplet and do standard Git pushes followed by deployments directly to my blog’s source code?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there! You can customise the theme and then upload it via the Ghost Admin, here’s some more information on how to upload themes:

Thanks for this awesome resource. It comes to me as a very helpful resource. I literally customize the theme with the help of this article. Now, hosted on DigitalOcean dedicated server. Although, I was facing some issues in staging with the conventional DigitalOcean server. Probably too much technicality was needed their. Thus, I switched to the managed version of the host and it worked for me.

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