Newbie problem with Ghost on localhost

ON windows 10, and latest Chrome version, I have today installed Ghost 5.5 locally according to the book. I put up one post for test and I could view it. All seemed ok. Then I close the local install. When I try to get back in with http://localhost:2368/ghost/#/admin/), I get the error
“This site can’t be reached - localhost refused to connect. - Try: * Checking the connection and the firewall”.
I have checked/rechecked ports and connections. Have no proxy. Have tried possible solutions found on the net, to no avail.
I will be grateful for any suggestions from you.

Ghost has to be running in order to have access. Running ghost ls will show your Ghost installs and let you know if it’s running or not. If not, you can navigate to your Ghost install directory and run ghost start.

Thank you! I now have started ghost and it is running in development mode, as expected. Alas, when I try http://localhost:2368/ghost/#/admin/, I get the same error as before.
In the setup, I gave the site a name on the form xxxx yyyyy.zzzz, as three words.May be it should have been in one word for ghost to find it? Apart from that, I am a bit lost as to where to check for what, but I wil try.
Thank you again.

Typically the admin panel can be found at localhost:2368/ghost (no #/admin).

If you told ghost that the site URL xxx.yyy.zzz, your computer is going to need to think that xxx.yyy.zzz is the same as localhost. The “name of the site” can be anything and isn’t used to route things.

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@Cathy_Sarisky @RyanF I got it! I’m in on my local install. Now I can start learning Ghost and preparing my site before publishing it on the web.
Thank you again for your help.
Hoping I can give some help back to someone once I have learned the ropes!