Locally hosting, unable to access the admin panel

when I try to access the Admin Panel link (http://localhost:2368/ghost/) the page freezes, I get only the loading icon which spins indefinitely, and the console. On my Visual Studio Code, it says that it has been successfully installed and I can also visit the page (http://localhost:2368/) just not the admin panel.

Please help.

Did you just upgrade to 5.61.0? You’ll want to downgrade to 5.60 until the dev team releases a new version.

Thank you for your advice.
Could please let me know how I do that? I would appreciate it a lot. :pray:

ghost update 5.60 --force

Thank you for your response.
I tried to run the command you provided and I got the errors shown in the attached pic. I guess there’s no way to run Ghost locally for now?

Looks like it tried to install 5.6.0. Maybe try 5.60.0 instead? :). Not at my computer sorry!

You are a lifesaver. It worked!

Thank you so much Cathy! :pray:

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