Newbie question on starting Ghost

I have some newbie questions that I really hope you could help me with.

When we run ghost start —enable & exit the terminal on a host server, will Ghost automatically start (together with Node.js starting at the same time) even when the server restarts?

I’ve been reading up & experimenting with packages like pm2 & forever to keep Ghost running. Are they necessary if we already use the —enable flag?

I’m trying to understand how the processes work. Many thanks!

Have you followed the official documentation?

systemd will take care of this for you :).

If you plan to run Ghost with Docker, the docker daemon will take care of this for you.

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That’s awesome @pascalandy!

I actually sidetrack from the official recommended stacks a bit, which is understandably why support might be limited.

Just wanted to see if any folks have experience with this.

I didn’t know about Docker daemon, but hey thanks!


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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