Start ghost with forever?

I would like to make sure that my site is always running and when doing research, I found that forever probably would be a good way to do so, but if needs to use a script file and not a CLI command.

Is there a file I can use or can I produce one myself - and if so, can someone pls. point me in the right direction to go about?

Did you read over ghost-cli? It would just configure systemd for you and solve these issues.

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Thanks for you answer, I’m actually running it on Windows, so systemd isn’t an option - or am I getting this wrong?

Ah sorry. I cannot help. I do not know anything about production Windows hosting as ghost-cli is intended for Ubuntu.

Thanks, the ghost-CLI does work quite ok on Windows, and I can use it to autostart, but as I’m new to Ghost and will do some experimenting I thought that having ‘forever’ restart the process if it crashes automatically sounded like a good idea. I guess that I will find a workable solution somehow.

If you’re running Ghost in production on Windows, you might run into really weird issues that are hard to debug. For example, some of the cards don’t work properly because of an issue creating assets on Windows machines. If possible, it’s strongly recommended that you host on the recommended stack. (note, if you’re just developing with Ghost, any platform should work, but you still might have a few issues)

unless you want working cards. ;)