Newbie question

I’m using this free theme as an example but honestly this shouldn’t matter which theme you use. In their elements page they include examples on how to right align an image with text and left align it as well.

Question 1. I can’t figure out in the editor how to include an image that is left or right. The only optionsI see are: “regular”, “wide”, and “full”.

Question #2. Is there a way to reference photos that have already been uploaded? or do you have to re-upload the photo again each time you use it?

It terms of question 1, you can’t float images straight out of the box. See this thread. You’d either have to create an HTML card and do it yourself manually, or, if you wanted to maintain Ghost’s image card setup, then you could insert into the post’s code injection something like the following for each image you wanted to float:

.content figure:nth-of-type(_) {
    float: left;