Newbie Questions - Importing a Weebly Blog / Pay What you want subscriptions

Hi All,

Hope you can help. I’ve had a Weebly blog forever but finally want to move to a new platform that recognises the internet has changed in the last ten years, not to mention I’m well overdue a makeover. Does anyone have any advice for a “have a go non techie” to import 7 years of content from Weebly to Ghost? Here’s my current site if anyone needs a peek:

As the site has a reasonable amount of organic and engaged followers I’d also like to offer them the opportunity to support the site so I can continue to justify the time and effort, as I’m about to become a father. I’m somewhat concerned though as everyone is drowning in subscriptions, so I’d like it to be on a “pay what you want/can” basis for those that can afford it & wish to help, but with access all areas for free users, as I’m not big on paywalls. Is that something that is easy to set up within Ghost?

Any advice welcome.



Maybe a little longwinded, but there is a WordPress plugin for importing a Weebly export file. Once that is done, you could use the official Ghost WordPress plugin to export for Ghost.


Thanks for the tip, much appreciated.