Questions about Wordpress to Ghost conversion

HI. My team is considering switching from Wordpress to Ghost. I have a few questions.

  1. How is the transfer of our article URLS handled? Is that seamless, for the most part?

  2. We have a large database of photos, etc. Is that going to be easy to transfer over as well?

Thank you

Migration of WP posts to Ghost posts is straightforward. The Ghost Pro team offers migrations as part of annual packages. (I don’t work for them - specific questions about their offerings should go to their support address.) There’s also a migration repo in the @TryGhost organization on Github that includes some tools.

Migration of other types of WP content that are not posts might or might not be straightforward. Note that Ghost doesn’t have custom content types like WP does, so it’s hard to give a simple answer for what could be a unique WP setup.

I’ve got some examples of URL rewriting and some discussion of image issues here: