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Hey dear ghost people,

I am using the Beta Newsletter Feature on my site.
Everything works great, except one bug has been brought up to me:
After clicking the submit button, the user receives an email with a link. It says that you need to click on that link within 10 minutes. If you click within that 10 minutes, everything is fine. But if you click on that link after 10 minutes, you get to the website saying: “great youre a member!”, but the user was actually not added to the newsletter-list in the admin menu.

My Questions:
1.) Can I deactivate the 10 minutes time or at least make in longer (say, 24 hours)?
2.) Is this an overall bug or does it happen only in my setup?

Using Ghost 3.13.4 on “liebling” theme (0.6.9 - latest).

Thany you very much in advance!

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  1. yes, you can change the expiration time for login link:
  • Open index.js found at /var/www/ghost/versions/3.13.1/node_modules/@tryghost/magic-link/index.js

  • Search for 4 arguments expiresIn: '10m' (10m stands for 10 minutes)

  • Change all 4 arguments in the file to new expiration time

  • Restart ghost

  1. i think ghost doesnt check if the link is still valid when it displays the notification bar, so no bug on your end, but definitely something that should be added in the future.

Hey @daniel1,
thank you very much, this works just fine!

But there is still one problem left: the text in the email didn’t change. It still says 10 minutes even though the link expires after a few days…

Do you know where I could change the text?


glad it worked.
Sure thing:
path: var/www/ghost/versions/3.13.1/core/server/services/members/emails/*
Change text about expiration time (at Line 129) in:

They are the template files for your transactional emails, when someone signs up, signs in or subscribes.


@daniel1, you are the best.
You solved my problem completely, now I can even translate the mails to german, thank you very much!