Newsletter subscription does not work

Hallo users,
I’ve been hitting the wall since yesterday morning. I’ve created my ghost website but I can’t connect it to mailgun. My domain - bought at cheapdomain is almost verified on mailgun. Txt dnses are still red bit MX just became green tonight.
Here’s my question what’s actually that password shown on the screen above is that password from mailgun or namecheap or APIs key from mailgun or actually what?
How to verified domain on mailgun?
How to make newsletter subscription work? (There os communicate - failed sending magic link email).
I’ve hosted that on digital ocean. As mailgun domain as my terminal settings are set for Europe. As well as my DO droplet.
Should I already gave up? Choose another hosting or buy new domain?
Does anybody had the same problem.
Ps. I’ve try to change host or password but anything changed was the my website stopped working for couple of minutes before I’ve changed my settings again for 465 host. And the same password…

These settings are for transactional email not mailing lists. Setup mailing lists from Admin.

Be mindful that Mailgun won’t work until everything is setup correctly, i.e., green for all settings.

Likewise, since you have a new domain, Mailgun is likely to place restrictions on your account that limits the number of messages you may send. Therefore, follow their setup procedure to the letter, and send test messages via command line to confirm everything is working correctly.

Be sure to read all the documentation provided by Ghost and Mailgun.

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So I should provide there “admin” password or what?
I’m sorry I’m a very computer noob…

If that can help I’ve used this guide to set up the website Start a Blog with Ghost CMS and Digital Ocean for Only $5 a Month! - YouTube and this to set up settings in terminal How to setup Mailgun for your Ghost blog and start sending out newsletters!

So read the official documentation I posted.

A search would also yield this…

If you don’t know what you’re doing use managed ghost hosting.

Okay, only one thing I’m gonna get along with the rest. What password should I provide?

For what? Earlier, I stated that the config file was for transactional email not newsletters.