Nginx Conf file for caching

I want to implement nginx cache. i have read quite a few post but still i am not able to to implement it correctly.

Can someone please provide an example conf file for it? i tried multiple time but there is something wrong with my file so nginx simply wont start

Unfortunately I do not have the files anymore from my tests, but I used Scott Helme’s instructions last year. The image caching probably needs some updating as Ghost has introduced resized images since the article was published.

I tried multiple times but failed I really need. File to compare atleast.

Hope someone can help me on it.

@daviddarnes can you help regarding this?

The article @jbfriedrich linked to seemed pretty well written out. Where are you getting stuck?

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It is well written the problem is with me I guess,

Is there any way someone can provide a pre written config file so I can Just check. :pensive: I lost it at this point