No featured image / title

Hi there

I am testing out the no featured image / title feature, and I’m curious.

Does it remove the H1 tag from the page and therefore impact SEO?

Depends on your theme, but in most cases, yes.

The implementation in themes usually says “if I should show the featured image/title, then render this code”.

And well, “this code” is usually the feature image, title, and other stuff in the page header.

So, really depends on your theme, but in most cases I have seen it would remove the tag.

You could add it again in the editor itself by typing # Whatever your title is.

Thanks. This feels like a gap. Looking at the Source ghost theme, the about page has no feature image : title and a header component instead. About this site

Perhaps where this feature is used, if a header is placed at the top, this should form the H1 or at least keep the page title in the code as the H1 just invisible on the front end.

FYI @RyanF

Thanks for bringing this up. It is possible to include an H1 manually, of course, when hiding the page title. However, as you said, using the Header card uses an H2 instead of an H1.

While it’s best practice to have an H1 at the top of the page—Google has confirmed that not having won’t impact search rankings.

That being said, I’ll pass this on to the team, so we can brainstorm some solutions.

Thanks Ryan - good to know about the H1 not affecting rankings, I should have google’d that first. Would be nice idea for future roadmap.

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