No redirect to the Stripe checkout page

I’m testing the new member’s functionality. I did set up the Stripe development account and added the API keys to Ghost admin. In the signup process when I’m trying to choose a package, no redirect happens to the checkout page, only I receive an Event in Stripe dashboard (Developers > Test Data).

The question is, should I have an active Stripe account for the checkout page to open, or is there anything missing?

PS: I’m a theme developer and I want to test how everything should work and also I live outside Stripe countries support scope.


Stripe Events:

Testing URL:


Any thoughts?

Hi @ahmadajmi , I just faced the same issue and spent whole day.
Talked to strip customer support and but he could not solved the issue. Then he just created a support ticket. The response has not received yet.

I just added my name to the Account setting at this page Stripe Login | Sign in to the Stripe Dashboard ( Top Box ).
Also as I am from India, I could not have Active Stripe account. So I selected United States as country.
Then Saved the settings.

This solves the Issue with stripe checkout redirection. After a successful payment ( Test Data )
It redirects to site normally. But the new issue is that the member in ghost dashboard is not updated with the stripe payment information. It still showing “Member doesn’t have Stripe subscription”.

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Thanks a lot! It works now.

I can see the user Stripe Info inside the Ghost dashboard. Maybe you can delete the user and re-register it.

Glad to know that it helped.

Still no luck with user data. I am testing in localhost, maybe that’s the reason, not sure though. I will try again in live server and post update here.

If you are testing locally then remember about “When developing locally and connecting Members to a Stripe account you’ll need to forward all webhooks from Stripe to the local instance of Ghost.”

May be it’s because the localhost. I’m testing on a live server.

Hi @fueko, glad that you replied.
For those, who sees in future.
I am using the stripe CLI and webhook from the beginning but no luck. Probably for localhost or windows.
Btw, you and ahmad both are doing splendid work in ghost theme. :ok_hand: :heart:


Ohh, thank you, love your work too :heart:

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Thanks bro :pray:

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