Node and Ghost version compatibility on Windows?

Alright, so my debian partition broke.

So now I’m trying to install Ghost on windows, literally just so I can generate a backup. (Side note, if anybody has a simple tool for just generating the backup from the old directory, I’d really appreciate that),

I installed ghost-cli successfully! But I can’t run ghost install because it didn’t like my version of node. I had 12.13.1 installed. So I thought, “that makes sense, I haven’t used windows in forever, just let me update node…” and I jumped to 16.4.0

Nope. Now it’s telling me Ghost only supports node 10.13.0, 12.10.0, and 14.15.0.

What? Do I have to go install an older version of node? Or is it going to change its mind again when I do?


If you install the recommended Node version, it won’t change its mind again. See:

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Okay, this worked, although now I’m confused why v12 did not…