NODEJS / Headless UI

Good evening, I’m really excited to have ghost running for my charity.

I may be asking a really stupid question but first let me start off by simply thanking anyone and everyone for taking the time to visit my thread. It means a lot to me.

I for some reason have a dificult time understanding what if I wanted to integrate different frame works for certain features or functionalities?

I want to integrate this beautiful
Headless UI - Unstyled, fully accessible UI components

What would be the best approach?

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Headless UI is a set of building blocks made to work with React/Vue and Tailwind. These technologies could be made to work with your Ghost theme, but it’d be a very complicated setup, requiring advanced knowledge of all three.

TailwindUI, which is a related (paid) product, has HTML components that are more suitable for Ghost theme development. Again, though, you’ll need familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JS to implement it.