How to add vue js into my ghost theme? and use it globaly

I want to use vue to style my theme, jquery isn’t my thing, i tried looking up online but couldn’t find any guide about it, if anyone has done that, please help me out.

@thimiraonline any thoughts?

I have not tried yet. But this guide will help and guide you.

Build A Custom JavaScript App With Headless Ghost + Nuxt.js

I’m not sure why you would add Vue to your Ghost theme (especially for styling). What are you trying to accomplish?

If you want to use Vue as a front-end, then another option is Grdisome

here (check first component) is why i want vue js in my theme, i want this kind of intractivity, i’m not sure how to do this with jquery or somethinf easier?

I would use vanilla JS. You would need to integrate the tailwind UI HTML into your current theme.