Nubia - problems on latest Ghost?

Hi all,

I’m working with a client on her 4.x to 5.x Ghost upgrade, along with updating Nubia 1.5.0 to 1.5.4 (which I think is the latest version)?

The upgrade went fine, but when I switched to the latest Nubia, the popup menu fly-out and the images on the index page went missing. Both those functions use jQuery, so it must be something jQuery related, but I’ve got no errors in the console for help. I thought it was upgrade related, so I installed on a fresh 5.28 Ghost Pro site, but I’ve got the same issues.

The theme demo looks fine, so maybe this is something I’m doing wrong, or a recent change to Ghost Pro?

I’ve sent @ahmadajmi a message also (and am tagging him here), in case this is a general problem and not just something dumb I did.

If you’re running Nubia on the latest Ghost (Ghost Pro or updated this week), could you check your site for functionality and report back please? I’m definitely scratching my head on this one.

Here’s the broken version on my demo site:

The images on the index are missing the src (and srcset) attribute so won’t show anything, maybe something is up with the template for those? If the theme uses JS to populate the src attribute I would suggest looking at alternative options as it means a broken page with no JS (or at least invalid HTML for any search engines etc that parse the page).

In terms of why things are altogether broken, the page has invalid HTML at the bottom with an unclosed and out-of-order <style> tag - maybe something from Code Injection if it’s not a mistake in the templates themselves.


  <script src=''></script>

Sharp eyes. Code injection is completely empty. It’s possible I messed up the theme file - going to load a new version now in case it’s me! (Could be!)

My apologies to all. I uploaded a new version of the theme and it’s FINE. I thought I was working from a fresh copy, but apparently something got broken somewhere. (I broke something and didn’t realize I’d even edited it!?)

SIGH Glad to have it working!

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