Object repetition


Hi, so I’m slightly changing casper for my needs at https://legalico.io

In index.hbs, I just add an map partial as a tile :

   <div class="post-feed">
            {{> "map"}}
            {{#foreach posts}}
              {{#has tag="#country"}}
                {{> "post-card"}}
              {{#has tag="#general"}}
                {{> "post-card"}}

However, the tile map as you can see on the website gets repeated. Any idea where I should be looking into?
It seems to be happening at the pagination level, at the moment more article tiles get loaded while srolling.
Code of the partial

<article class="post-card" >
    <div id="world-map" style="width: 100%; min-height: 50vh;"></div>

Hey @Xavier :wave:

Casper uses the .post-card class as an indicator of which elements to pull into the content feed for infinite scroll. If you change the class of your map card then it will only appear once at the top of the index.


Thanks Kevin, it makes sense now

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