Offer printed magazine subscriptions to your followers

Hello all, we wanted to invite you to beta test our new print service for digital newsletter publishers. If you run a Ghost blog, you are already ready to offer print magazine subscriptions to your followers. No investment or work: we’ll handle all the layout, rendering and mail fulfillment. Compatible with any RSS based sites (Ghost, Substack, Medium, Wordpress, etc) and all major social media feeds (X, Reddit, IG, etc) can be integrated too. Free to try, let me know if you have any questions or customizations, thx :printer:

How it works:

  • Our crawlers run once a day to retrieve content from your website, blog, social media, or other compatible* feed
  • When enough content is available for a full-length issue, we generate a printed publication based on your layout and format preferences and mail it out to all subscribers.
  • Subscribers sign up and pay via qr code a link from your website. You get 5% from every purchase and renewal.

No initial investment or any additional work required: we handle all the design, print, and mail. All customer financial information is processed through Stripe Subscriptions and your payouts are immediately issued through Stripe Connect.

It’s simple, free to preview, and you can get started today. Let’s get printing!