Old subscription functionality

Hi! First post here. I love this engine, use it to self-host my blog (https://refruity.xyz).

Recently I updated the blog to the new version and found out that users cannot leave their email for my notifications. Earlier I developed GitHub - ReFruity/ghost-notifier to send Telegram and Email notifications to my subscribers.

I could not post this to ideas topic because I have no prior forum activity. I would love to see the old feature to simply leave your email (no confirmations needed) back. I can develop a PR if the team finds it proper. Also seems like a good idea to develop a Telegram integration (to post messages to channels via Telegram API).

What do you think?

Ghost does, and should, have double opt-in for subscriptions.

Hm, to prevent people from spamming others’ emails, makes sense, didn’t think about it.
What about Telegram channel integration?

I don’t believe there is an official Telegram integration. Nonetheless, it is best practice to use double opt-in regardless, otherwise you and your domain may lose reputation, and the quality of your mailing list is improved (fewer bounces, bad addresses etc.)