On the Author page how to show post if not "primary author"

So I’ve got Multiple authors to show up on my loop and post themselves however when I click on the author page, the multi author post won’t show up unless it’s the first author’s listed author page.
Example authors are: a1,a2,a3
the post will show in a1’s author page but not in a2 or a3.
Any idea how I can get the post to show up on all the author’s author page?

Here’s the author.hbs

<main class="site-main">
	<div class="site-content">

		{{!-- Everything inside the #author tags pulls data from the author --}}
		<header class="cover page-header">
			{{#if cover_image}}
			<div class="cover-bg" style="background-image: url({{cover_image}})"></div>
			<div class="cover-content">
				<div class="inner">
					<div class="post-count">{{plural ../pagination.total empty='No posts' singular='% post' plural='% posts'}} by author</div>
					<h1 class="page-title">{{name}}</h1>
					{{#if profile_image}}
					<p><img src="{{profile_image}}" alt="{{name}}'s Picture" class="author-avatar" /></p>
					{{#if bio}}
					<p class="page-description">{{bio}}</p>
					<p class="author-links">
						{{#if location}}
						<span class="author-location"><i class="icon-map-marker" aria-hidden="true"></i> {{location}}</span>
						{{#if website}}
						<span class="author-website"><i class="icon-chain" aria-hidden="true"></i> <a href="{{website}}" target="_blank">{{website}}</a></span>
						{{#if facebook}}
						<span class="author-facebook"><i class="icon-facebook" aria-hidden="true"></i> <a href="{{facebook_url}}" target="_blank">Facebook</a></span>
						{{#if twitter}}
						<span class="author-twitter"><i class="icon-twitter" aria-hidden="true"></i> <a href="{{twitter_url}}" target="_blank">Twitter</a></span>
				</div><!-- .inner -->
			</div><!-- .cover-content -->
		</header><!-- .cover -->

		<div class="inner-wide">
			{{!-- The tag below includes the post loop - partials/loop-archive.hbs --}}
			{{> "loop-archive"}}
		</div><!-- .inner-wide -->

	</div><!-- .site-content -->
</main><!-- .site-main -->


Thanks for your discovery. The author page should display all posts where the author is either primary or secondary (or …) author. This is a bug. This will be fixed next Monday and released on Tuesday.

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