Only annual, not monthly membership: is it possible anymore?

Hi there,

I have been using Ghost for more than a year and offer downloadable ebooks to Pro subscribers.

Any Pro member can download all the ebooks anytime.

This becomes problem as some people opt for the monthly membership, download the ebooks and cancel the membership.

Until a few months ago, Ghost had the option to only offer monthly or annual membership. This option is no longer there.

So, my question is how to disable the monthly subscription from the Premium subscription while keeping the annual option?

I don’t have an active Ghost site with Stripe connected so I can’t test this for myself, but according to the help documentation it should be possible to only offer annual subscriptions, and there are screenshots showing this in the articles linked below.

Based on those articles, it looks like you have to enter a price for both monthly and yearly subscriptions when creating the tier, but you control the availability of the tiers in the portal settings. If that feature isn’t available any more for some reason, then the documentation needs to be updated.

Customizing Portal > Customize Portal settings

Create Membership Tiers > Making tiers available to visitors

From the Portal Settings, you can control which tiers appear on your site at a granular level, including available prices — monthly, yearly, or both.


However, and unless I’m mistaken, it’s only possible to select monthly and/or yearly price availability on a site-wide basis as opposed to on a tier by tier basis. I know @uri was mentioning this “limitation” some time ago in regards to allowing for a highest tier that could only be paid for in a yearly capacity in order to differentiate its exclusivity to all other lesser tiers. When I have a chance I’ll have to check the forum to see if he or somebody else has created an Idea topic for this which I can vote on. If not I’ll set one up.

I say all this as I’m currently assisting somebody migrating from Substack – which does apparently allow for this – and whose Substack newsletter is currently set up to take advantage of this functionality. The only workaround I can see is to set the monthly price at the same level as the already high yearly price, which looks kinda weird/absurd.

Thanks for the answers folks. The problem was actually coming from the tiers where it is mandatory to have monthly membership. I need to manually modify some code now.

Did you find out? I only want to offer a very low “yearly support”, about £6 a year, So it seems too much to charge £1 per month, it’s meant as a donation, not to accesss exclusive content etc.

There ^ I thought I’d seen the option somewhere.

Thanks. I did found it out eventually. Actually, in my case, I had a separate dedicated membership page that also had option for monthly membership.

Can you go into a little more detail about what you mean here…how you did that?

Settings (the gear from the /ghost dashboard). Then click Membership. Then Customize Portal. Then open the Signup options (left side), then if you have at least one paid tier available, you’ll see checkboxes for monthly and yearly, like above.

yes, i see that. My issue is that I know most of my subscribers want a monthly membership, but many also want the opportunity to do one donation and not be billed again, i.e., yearly. But the format does not seem to be able to do both at the same time. The OP said that he’d created another dedicated membership page, so I was wondering what he meant by that and how he did it

You can absolutely have monthly and yearly available - that’s the default. (But yearly will bill them again a year later so maybe that’s not what you want?). The portal has both options available with a button for visitors to switch between them.