Only show on web and not in the email


I run a hosted Ghost 4.0. There is a now a possibility to create content that only shows up in the email which is great. But is there a way to show content only on the web?


Hello @jenswedin, unfortunately this isn’t possible. My wonky workaround is to:

  1. Write the post
  2. Write the content for the email card
  3. Copy everything and paste it all into a new/temp post
  4. Delete the email card in the new/temp post
  5. Delete all the material in the original post besides the email card, SAVE
  6. Publish the post (and have it sent by email)
  7. Quickly go over to that new/temp post and copy everything
  8. Paste it all into the original post, below the email card, SAVE
  9. Delete the new/temp post

Now that I think about it, you wouldn’t necessarily have to use an email card to accomplish all this. That being said, perhaps one day there will exist something like the public preview divider; that is, an “email divider” whereby only the content above the divider gets sent by email and only the content below the divider gets displayed in the post.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll start with this workaround. Hopefully this might be a nice feature for the future.

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