HTML in email-only card (CLOSED)

Is there some work-around to get HTML in the email-only card? I’ve searched the forum, and see the question has been asked, but never answered.


No, the html in the email-only card is intentionally stripped down to a few known elements so styling is consistent and email client compatibility is known.

What’s the use-case you have for html in the email-only card?

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I typically use it with opt-in newsletters where I want to remind the subscriber why they are getting this particular emailed article out of the blue. Obviously, I don’t want that notice to be seen when the article is viewed on the web. And, if it is the first graf in the article in the inbox, it takes away from the article itself if it is the same font and size as the article text.

Just adding a ping to this in hopes that the functionality will be changed, OR that someone will give me an email-only solution that allows formatting.

The current solution in Ghost would be to publish+email with the email-only content in, then edit after publishing to remove anything that you don’t want visible on the web.

The email card is there more for being able to add some personalisation at the beginning of the email with the member’s name than for making whole blocks of content email-only.

Yes, that would work. Sort of a workaround, but not terribly time-consuming. Thanks!

An FYI for those who might find this thread later: pay attention to the order of operations that Kevin laid out above: publish+email, then edit and update w/o the email content.

As I re-discovered just now, if you send something as just email, it does not show up at all on the admin list of posts, because there is not an “email only” choice. If you tag it before sending with something like #privatenewsletter, then you can find it that way. But you can’t take something that is emailed and then publish it without copying the whole thing into a new post.

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