Opt in for a free report - then send people to a page that promotes a newsletter

Hi, I am considering using Ghost to launch a stock market newsletter. I’d like have a “free report” type optin which then adds people to the free newsletter list. From that list I can promote my paid subscription.

Can this be done with Ghost? If so, how?


Yes, but you need to glue it together with an automation platform such as Zapier, Make or Pipedream.

I’m a certified Make developer so I’m… surprise… suggesting Make.com

The sign-up form/fields you see in themes uses Ghosts native/built-in membership management - which is really great. For sending a “free report PDF” you need to trigger the PDF-sending externally, and you need a form field for submitting the e-mail.

Here’s one way of doing this

  • Create a database table with a connected form saving data to this table.
    Baserow is ideal for this, https://baserow.io/

  • This form is integrated/embedded in the Ghost theme “Enter e-mail here to get PDF”

  • When someone request the PDF the data is stored in Baserow DB, and
    a Make scenario is triggered.

  • The scenario sends an e-mail with the PDF attached, and also registers the e-mail as a new member on your Ghost site.

  • Now you can send newsletters from Ghost to your subscribers who requested the PDF and convert them to paying subscribers/members.

Many ways of implementing this depending on what you want to achieve…


Thank you, very helpful

Just out of interest - does anyone self-host ghost? Does it affect email deliverability?

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I have several clients self-hosting, and it does not affect deliverability as newsletters are sent using MailGun (The same service GhostPro uses) and MailGun have all the bells and whistles DMARC, SPF, DKIM.

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Is there an API function in ghost to add a user to a newsletter list?

A script could be coded that takes email addresses submitted from a landing page and uses an APIKey (or similar) to add that email address to a ghost list hosted elsewhere.

Another way you can structure this is to use the free report as a lead magnet. Specifically, offer the report when someone subscribes to your Ghost site. Then, include the download for the report on a welcome page on Ghost. The welcome page can be restricted to members, so it isn’t publicly accessible and users will be automatically directed to it on a successful signup. You also then don’t have to use any integrations.

If you do want to use the API, though, to add members, see the docs for the Admin API: Ghost Admin API Documentation


That sounds a good idea. Is the welcome page shown to all free members who subscribe? And not just paying members?

It’s up to you. You can show the same page to everyone who subscribes or you can show different pages based on whether they’re free, paid, or on a certain tier. You can check the docs above for more info.

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