Override <html lang=> on default.hbs at post.hbs

So, I’m blogging in 2 languages. It’s not specifically a multi-language site. I made an internal tag for the language at every post.

Is it even possible to override the <html lang=""> based on the internal tag at post.hbs?

It’s like, if the post has an internal tag of “EN”, change the default locale of <html lang="{{@site.locale}}"> to <html lang="EN">

Here is an example of how I can do it.

<HTML lang='{{{ block 'language' }}}'>

Then, all template files like tag.hbs, and author.hbs.

{{#contentFor 'language'}}{{ @site.locale }}{{/contentFor}}

And in the post.hbs file.

{{#contentFor 'language'}}{{#has tag='#EN'}}EN{{else}}{{ @site.locale }}{{/has}}{{/contentFor}}

Make sure the above line is inside the {{#post}} {{/post}} helper.

I used the block and has helpers, which you can learn more about.


Yep, that’s what I need. Thank you

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