Page content is not visible

Hey there,
I worked with my test page trying to implement few HTML blocks and it worked, but then suddenly stopped.
Also, my main page broke
Does anyone know what happens?

Here is my page in Menu

And here is my Published page

Thanks for any help!

There seems to be a problem with ghost now.
I’m having a problem with the images in the body not being rendered on the actual blog screen.

yeah, really, looks like that…

hope they will fix soon

Hey folks,

This issue is affecting Ghost(Pro) users only, and shouldn’t affect those self-hosting 5.82.10

We’re sorry for the way this is impacting your sites. There’s a team at Ghost working on the issue now.

There is a status notice for Ghost(Pro) users, and we’ll push updates there as we have them.

If you are on Ghost(Pro) and need more help with this one contact us on

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thanks for your update, @jonhickman !

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And just to confirm, the incident was marked resolved :white_check_mark:

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but don’t you know why my pages still don’t work?

Got it…
it starts working after the manual Page Update…


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