Pagebreaks in Ghost (Multi-Page Posts)

I want to create blog posts with multiple pages (pagination). In WP I would do that by simply inserting a “pagebreak” element which would then generate a new page under the post /post-title/2, /post-title/3 etc.

This is critical to my new ghost project, can this be done out of box or do I need a plugin? If so, what plugin? Help please!

ScreenHunter 250


I guess this is not possible easily? I suppose I could create sub pages with URL/1 and URL/2 manually and some buttons at the bottom to go forward and back but that will be tedious. Wondering if there is a plugin or way to do this out of box already?

Ghost doesn’t has plugin support like wordpress. You have to do a little bit coding on your theme to do this…

Checkout the link below…


OK thanks, that helps!

You are welcome