Can Ghost be used to create a novel site?

My idea is to create a site where my readers can read the chapters of my novels as posts, and that when they click on a “next post” button, they are brought to the next chapter of the specific novel they’re on, and not just to any other post or chapters from other novels. I could manually achieve this by adding next/previous links on each posts, but considering I have over 4 novels and with tons of chapters each, it’s really not efficient.

Along with this, I will need a permalink structure for each “chapter” that goes like: (where x is the chapter number)

I’ve read that I need to customize the routes.yaml file to achieve the one above, but I’m not a developer, and even though I’ve read this tutorial, I can’t really understand how to make it work.

Let’s say I want 3 content collections: Novel A, Novel B, and Novel C

    permalink: /novela/{slug}/
    filter: tag:novela
    permalink: /novelb/{slug}/
    permalink: /novelc/{slug}/
    filter: tag:novelc

I get that, for filters, I will need to put in the tag for each novel, but what are these +tag:-blog / +tag:-podcast I see in the tutorial…

Screenshot 2021-02-07 173828

Can somebody kindly explain those to me?

I will also need the ability to create a “Table of Contents” for each novel. I’m thinking of using the tag page for this, where chapter-posts under each Novel tag are listed in chronological order. Can somebody tell me how I can go about this? And please try to use layman terms, coz as I said, I’m not a developer, and my coding knowledge is only limited to html and css

I have achieved all of those above before in WordPress by using hierarchical pages and a next/previous plugin, but I really don’t want to use that platform anymore. Wordpress is too cluttered, and I prefer the simpler and cleaner UI of the Ghost editor

In terms of not having to manually create next/prev links, it sounds like what you needs is dynamic routing for the next/previous post helper. You can read about it, and vote for it, in the following thread:

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