Pages: categories, subcategories and detail pages

I am new to Ghost and want to build a section with categories, subcategories and detail pages per sub category.

I am not sure if Ghost supports this, can anybody please clarify / explain?

Many thanks!

Ghost has tags. They can be used as categories, but there’s not a built in way to make a tag the child of another tag.

There are some workarounds. Could you share a bit more about what you’re trying to accomplish? And do you need to set these categories up and add to them rarely, or will there regularly be new categories and subcategories added?

Thanks for the clear answer Cathy, appreciate it!

I want to list golf courses in different regions. There will be a lot of updates and enrichments with the categories. Also the detail pages should include user generated reviews of golf courses and the user should also be able to filter on specific requirements. So I think as Ghost only supports tags that it is not the right CMS for this specific need, or do you see that different?

Ghost has user comments that might be co-opted as reviews, but that would just get you user text, not scores. You could also embed reviews from another site.

If the nested pages are like country>city, it’s possible to set that up with some custom theme edits. I’ve done it - once for a directory site and once for a book with sub chapters. It was sort of fussy, but it worked.

But yes, you might get closer to what you’re trying to build with a different CMS. Ghost is primarily focused on blogs, and your use case is a little different.

Hi guys – I think I have a similar question to @peter072 .
I’m wanting to create a hybrid site whereby the bulk of content is straight editorial content organized as posts but also with an easily accessible directory of shorter form content I guess similar to Peter’s golf courses.
I’m tried searching for ‘directory’ and ‘reviews’ in the forum and that doesn’t return what I have in mind.
The closest reference site I can find is something like Auto Express ( where a user can browse general news but also easily reach reviews of new cars.
My use case is more like TimeOut (eg see Time Out New York food, drink and NYC restaurant reviews) but I think it’s a pretty clunky experience if I want to quickly find say the 10 best restaurants in Brooklyn, so I need more of a structured directory.

@Cathy_Sarisky - I’d love to see the directory site you mentioned to see what’s possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice: I’m a Ghost newbie and recovering WP user.

Oh wow! I love it.
I’m going to have a good look at it on desktop (on my phone right now) in more detail.

Thanks so much for sharing!


Thanks! That’s the Tripoli theme, with a ridiculous number of modifications.