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Hello Ghosters :ghost:

I’m looking for a new CMS to migrate our company blog to. A friend recommended Ghost and I have to say that it looks awesome, just what we need!

I had a question relating to categories. Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched through the forum and didn’t not find anything specifically related to this. But feel free to point me in the right direction if the info is elsewhere :smile:

I broke my question down into bullet points:

  • We use categories on our existing blog as cornerstone content for relevant topics and keywords. So say we were looking to be visible on the topic of “ghosts” we would create a category called
  • We’d create long tail posts about specific things relating to ghosts, then group them under this category. So if you went to our ghost category you’d find posts about all things ghostly.

In this scenario, using Ghost, is it possible to:

  • Customise the category url so it is (and not, which is what I see on most blogs I’ve checked that use Ghost and have categories).
  • Add text and links to the category page itself, so that it would have paragraphs of text and links to other parts of the blog, as well as the list of posts.

Thanks a lot for you help!!

Hi there @Hillsy :wave:. Customising tag urls is certainly possible, by downloading the routes.yaml file in the Ghost admin you can adjust how tag urls are constructed:

In your scenario it would look something like this:

  tag: /{slug}/

Adding text to tag pages is possible, but they have limited formatting. To get richer text formatting you could use a page or post as the data source of the tag page content and render it using handlebars templating. The way in which this would be done would depend on the kind of workflow you’re going for.

I hope this answers your questions! :v:

Yes indeed, it certainly does answer the question!! Ghost is exactly what we need then :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the help @DavidDarnes, much appreciated :pray:

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In Ghost Have No Category Option But, You Can Do Everything By Tag. You Alternatively Ues Tag, I Have You Can Do Everything Easily By Tag. You Have To Imagine Tag As Category. Thanks