Pages created are not showing up in the top menu

Pages created are not showing up in the top menu

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Pages don’t automatically appear. Go to /ghost > settings (the gear icon) > navigation - there you can add links to anything you want, including pages. Don’t forget to click save when done.

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Hi ,

Just another quick help if you can guide. I have just upgraded from the Ghost Started Plan to a Pro Plan so I can change the code and upload custom themes on Ghost. I have managed to remove the Published on Ghost in Footer. I needed to also now add the following in the footer:

Ayush Agrawal
Research Analyst
SEBI Registration No. INH000013013
My Email
My Number

Please help.

The simplest way to do this is:

  1. Create a PAGE called ‘contact’ - put in your information there
    Make sure the slug/page URL you give your contact page matches the URL you put in the navigation settings

  2. Add a link in the footer like this:

You can get to this here:

You can add a link to the (footer) secondary navigation here: (assuming your theme has it) & you want it in the footer

Then save/publish

If you want a 'contact link in the top navigation, you would just do the same, but add to the ‘primary’ navigation instead

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So I managed to Do it in Visual Studio Code and then reupload the theme.
But thank You very much Sir for the detailed help.
I do not code. Learning how to.

If you did that by editing the theme files (probably something like footer.hbs, depending on the theme), that’s likely the right file to make your additions also. If you need a code injection solution, that’d also be possible - you could use some javascript to select the footer and add some extra content to it when the footer code injection section runs. (That’s going to create a flicker, but since the footer is offscreen when the page loads anyway, no one will see it.)

Now my biggest challenge is Mam how to remove this button. Trying to figure out.
Once this is removed, I can activate the button on bottom right.

turn off in membership settings (i.e don’t allow people to sign up)

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.gh-head-members { display: none!important }

I did this and it dissapeared. What people call a code injection I am reading.
Coding is fun.

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