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I set my site up in Dec. and have two items on my navigation bar that work. I’ve added a third but get a 404 message when I click it.
Where do I add content to the navigation page, please?

What did you add to the navigation? A link to a page? A little more info would be helpful.

I added the third item below under primary navigation, but I do not know how to attach pages or posts to the URL. I am a techno newb.

Because a page called member-club does not exist, you will see a 404 error. I’ve setup my site so all posts are available from the home page (or a tag page) regardless of membership level. However, content for subscribers or paid-up members only show a preview. Access is granted when a subscriber signs in.

On your site, it isn’t clear if a post is members-only until you click on the link. My posts include ‘paid’, ‘members’ and ‘public’ sub-headings. This could be added to your theme. Similarly, I believe you could create a collection that only displays member posts.

Hi! I made this page and published it but it does not show when I click the menu topic labeled the same.
Thank you for your help with tags. I just don’t know how to link the page to the navigation bar.

What’s the slug for the page? Double check that this and the menu item match.

That was it. Thank you so much!!!

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