PageSpeed Module for Ghost

Good evening,

I would like to configure the PageSpeed module for Nginx .

Ghost blog supports this module or i risk of finding problems due to updates, scripts, ghost-cli etc?

Thanks for your help


i’m running my blog behind a apache with PageSpeed Mod.
Transparent minifying and images fitting to mobile devices, it’s awesome
Here is my config:

ModPagespeed on
ModPagespeedDisallow "*/ghost/*"
ModPagespeedEnableFilters prioritize_critical_css,inline_google_font_css,remove_comments,collapse_whitespace,insert_dns_prefetch,hint_preload_subresources


Hello, thanks for the reply.
I’ve never tried to use ghost with Apache, I’ll try soon.

Now I wanted to try to implement pagespeed for Nginx, but I think I need to reinstall it completely to implement it, I do not think it can be done otherwise.

However, the pagespeed module is not essential, I have made several optimizations, I get the highest score on Pagespeed Insight

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