Hosted a ghost blog 100% for free

I have hosted a ghost blog on a free lifetime server with 1GB of RAM with the aapanel. The only cost was for a domain. However, the mobile speed score is not very good. It’s 72% on

But I think I could turn on AMP for mobiles? Any ideas to improve mobile page performance?

The desktop page speed is great.

After using WordPress for a long time, I think this is great. I hope ghost will implement best practices to improve page speed in ghost in the upcoming updates.

If anyone wanna know how to host a ghost blog for free, let me know in the comments section. I will write a guide about it. :relaxed:

which theme you are using

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This one. Open source and lightweight GitHub - eddiesigner/liebling: Beautiful and clean Ghost theme that is easy and comfortable to use. To get the latest version please head over the releases page 👉🏼

These numbers are still good. The desktop performance is better than mine, and I’m paying for hosting.

For anyone else who wants to compare their numbers, go here:

Google provides specific recommendations to improve under “Opportunities” right on the same page. Some may have to do with your content (like large images) and not with Ghost.

Rather than having people here try to guess what’s slow about your site, post questions about the “Opportunities” that Google reports if you aren’t sure how to address them.