Paid gig available for a WP->Ghost migration

I have a WP site (hosted on Media temple) I’m trying to complete the migration into Ghost I want to make sure all the links are not broken and I would like to tweak the styling in the header in theme. If anybody is serious and have time I would like to hire someone immediately for this small project.

Tweaking the style and making sure all links are working, is this the only thing you want someone to do? I’m interested but I just need to know the specifics. I don’t know much about moving from WP to Ghost, but tweaking the theme is something I can easily do for you.

Thanks for responding. The tweaks on the are:

  1. remove the opacity (darkness) on the main content image. currently we are using an animated gif.
  2. We would like to increase the size of the centered logo on the header
  3. We want to disable the icons of the writers (posts) on the home page to look more like this (see image).

The migration is basically done.

I know it’s late in Denmark but I was wondering if you are interested.

That sounds great, I can do the work.

Yes, it is late here in Denmark, and I’m in fact going to bed now. But let’s talk about it tomorrow, I’m sure we can figure out something fast, so the process for your magazine will be quick and pain-free.

Maybe we need another way of getting in contact with each other. What do you suggest?

Hello 8tray, you haven’t gotten back to me yet

You may feel free contact us for WP to Ghost Migration work.