Parameter "page" in the url


Google search console reported a significant increase in pages that return the 404 error.

Almost all errors derive from url containing the “page” parameter.

The problem is that I do not know what it is, I’ve never used tags or parameters like that.

I create articles and insert tags, nothing more.


All ghost blogs have /page/x/ and /tag/foo/page/x and so on if there are enough posts to fill more than one page (default Casper pagination is 25 posts per page but it’s theme-dependent). Eg:

These pages are linked via meta tags and the sitemap but only if they exist. Without providing your site URL it’s difficult to see what the problem is but you need to check for anything that might be preventing those URLs from loading.


I’m using casper with some changes.

this is my site url


Your page URLs are working fine where you have enough posts, eg

There are also no links to further pages in the HTML or the sitemap from what I can see so it looks like Ghost is doing everything correctly. Not sure what to suggest here, it seems like it’s just Google’s crawler trying to load pages that it’s guessing might be there :thinking:

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So there are no errors in ghost on in the few changes I’ve made?
Can not solve in any way? I hope I’m not penalized by google

Thanks for help


@giacomosilli Hi :wave:

I was able to find a bug in Casper that generates extra URLs, although they’re usually in the form /page/2/page/2/. I’m not sure if this is causing what you are seeing, but I’ve raised it here:

I recommend watching that issue so that you can apply the same fix to your blog.

Bugs like this are usually fixed on Mondays.


I have performed this fix.
You can see the changes on the site I posted before.

I’ll wait for the google reply.

Unfortunately, if you update the casper theme these have no effect on mine since I edited it.

If I edit the original theme and then upload it, the original casper is not overwritten but adds another one. So I will not have the theme updates.

Is there a way to edit the original theme and still receive fixes and updates without compromising my changes?

Thanks for help


Personally, I just copy my edits into a new Casper copy every few versions. However, if you have made major changes to the theme this might not be a feasible option.

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Thanks for the advice, I have to evaluate if I can do the same thing


If you’ve made changes to a theme then you’re then responsible for keeping it up to date. If you’ve forked it with git and the changes are minor then you can probably merge upstream changes in without too much trouble.

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