Password Characters

Hello, I can’t login due to wrong password and when I press forgot password I get an error message. I have tried many passwords. Can someone let me know how many characters Ghost passwords are and if they require any special characters.

Thank you!

What’s the error message? If this is a local install or self-hosted, your problem is /probably/ that email isn’t configured. [The error message would confirm that.] Here’s what I use for development: How to deliver Ghost emails from your local dev setup . It’s probably the easiest fix for getting outbound email working enough for a password reset.

(I don’t know the exact password requirements, sorry.)

Thank you @Cathy_Sarisky when I click forgot password the error message says Failed to send email

So you need to configure email. :) See the link I posted above, or provide more information on your hosting environment and a more specific question about why your email isn’t working. :)