Path for css and assets when isuing HTML block/card

I’m trying to create a custom page using an HTML block in a post. My HTML file references a CSS file and some assets that need to be displayed.

I’ve added the .css file and the assets folder to the theme .zip file and uploaded it. But when i try to use the HTML block, it fails to find the CSS. Is there something about default paths that I need to know?

update: i see that if I want to use my own CSS, I can add it as code injection to the header. whew.

WHERE do I place custom assets (photos, videos, etc) that the page uses?

Images are located in the content folder, for example, https://your.domain/content/images/size/w600/2023/10/image.jpg

Drag the image into the post temporarily (anywhere -doesn’t matter). Hit preview and right click the image to copy its address. Go back to the post editor and use that url for your image in the html card. Delete the image from the post.