Payment per read for editors

Hello everyone, I use Ghost by liking it, and I find it better than many other systems in the market. That’s why I want Ghost to reach even higher levels.

I believe a feature in Ghost similar to the one in the software I use on my website would be excellent. This feature would enable content editors to earn money. If there is an option to earn money as the content is read in the Ghost system, it would be great. For example, when an editor adds content, they would earn money based on the number of reads. This would motivate people to add and share more content. For instance, if we set the payment for 1000 reads at $10, when a user adds content and it reaches 1000 reads, $10 would be credited to their account. When they reach the specified withdrawal limit, the editor can initiate the withdrawal process. This way, the desire of content creators to earn money by adding and sharing content would be encouraged.

Such a feature would be a great fit for the Ghost system, and I would really like to see this option in the future.

I’m confused… where does that money come from?

In the software I use on my own website, I have the feature I mentioned. I share the money I earn from Google AdSense with the writers on my site. As a result, we continuously add content to our website, keeping it active, and share the advertising revenue with the writers. At the end of the day, we are all happy.